Archivists of Central Texas Mentorship Program

The ACT Mentorship Program is a one-semester experience to give UT iSchool students an opportunity to learn more about the real-life activities of an archivist. We also provide students with a connection to the local archival community.

How does it work? Every fall semester, ACT matches students and mentors who sign up based on shared interests. Mentors reach out to their student matches for a monthly, one-hour meeting to discuss a series of selected topics:

September: Introductions, general questions from students, helpful courses taken in grad school
October: Student Jobs, Capstones, Helpful Readings
November: Jobs (Looking for work, Reading job postings, Moving from a Student Job to a Salaried Job)
December: Navigating Institutional Culture

Discussions are not limited to these topics. ACT encourages program participants to expand the conversation to whatever is useful to students.

Students in any year of their study are encouraged to apply! For more information about the program, contact