Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Archives

The Hogg Foundation archive supports the foundation’s core values of integrity, impact, diversity, learning, and collaboration by acting as repository for the foundation’s historical and ongoing activities. The archive collects and preserves records that provide evidence of the activities and development of the Hogg Foundation and its mission.

Lower Colorado River Authority Corporate Archives

The Texas Legislature created the Lower Colorado River Authority in 1934 to provide water and utility service to Central Texas. Most of its early work was centered on managing federal New Deal money to build a series of six dams along the Colorado River, creating what is now known as the Highland Lakes. The Corporate Archives preserves materials that document LCRA history and includes photographs, publications, documents, …

State Bar of Texas Archives

The Archives Department of the State Bar of Texas serves as the official repository for the permanently valuable records of the State Bar of Texas (1939 – present), as well as the Texas Bar Association (1882 – 1939) and donated legal history materials.